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Remote Viewing Crop Circles

As part of a new CROPfm podcast, we again conducted a remote viewing experiment, this time on the topic of crop circles . With the support of Germany’s leading crop circle researcher Andreas Müller (also the operator of the well-known blog http://www.grenzwissenschaft-aktuell.de/), six targets were made available to us, containing both man-made and supposed real crop circles.

Three of the included crop circles have been proven to be man made, two are considered by experts to be very likely to be genuine. Another target, the crop circle of the famous Olivers Castle video, was viewed as a bonus.

Quick links to the individual crop circles:
541685 428917 005821 (hoax)
604785 051963 199260 (hoax)
685412 931025 716309 (hoax)
765923 105769 055135 (real)
498205 762856 514985 (real)
657820 698046 087945 (bonus)

The target cues in this project consisted only of geo-coordinates and time periods (provided by Andreas Müller), to which the respective crop circles emerged. The starting position of the viewer should be 40 meters above the target. Here’s an example (translation: “Describe the location at the geo coordinates XY 40 meters from above and looking down to the field in the follwing time period…”):

Let us now turn to the individual crop circles and the session data generated (sequence as discussed in the CROPfm broadcast) …

Geo coordinates:51°21’59.28 “N, 1°51’54.08” W
Period: 07/25/1998 4.00pm – 07/26/1998 2.00pm
Target reference number: 541685 428917 005821

For each crop circle target, a timeline was used to narrow down the exact period of origin. In the case of this target, it stood out in particular that it must have been created for a long period of time until early dawn. When we looked at the genesis itself, we found that there were several people on site who worked in two groups. They used tools that worked like ropes, rakes and tarpaulins.

To create the crop circle, certain points were marked and then the ropes were led in a circle to lay the grain. The ropes were fixed with the rakes. Hereby we had already clear indications of man made activity. Another indicatin was that one group covered the edges of the crop circle with tarpaulins for some reason, while the other group continued to flatten the grain.

One more obvious aspect was that the people were apparently afraid of the rising sun or were under pressure to finish their work before sunrise so as not to get caught. Finally, the viewer still described his impression that the center of the place was like a “stamp” that would be printed (in a figurative sense). We could not explain this aspect in the session until the target was finally dissolved.

Solving & Summary: This crop circle was a commissioned work for the BBC, sponsored in some form by Yell (similar to the Yellow Pages). The logo of this company can also be seen in the middle of the crop circle, which would explain the “stamp imprint” aspect that was perceived. It is also true that the crop circle was created by two groups. Further details you learn from Andreas Müller in the podcast. Conclusion: Hoax

Geo coordinates: 51°25’34.87″N, 1°56’11.28″W
Period: 08/02/2002 4.00pm – 08/03/2002 8.00am
Target reference number: 604785 051963 199260

The second crop circle provided very intense, emotional data about the processes involved in the formation. Here too, a group of people was perceived, who worked for several hours at night on the crop circle’s creation. Distinct were the impressions of vandalism, so that the viewer felt really sorry for the grain. Equally unflattering were the intentions of the creators, which were percieved as “fun with vandalism” , “tension not to get caught” and “prank – funny when idiots see that”.

The viewer perceived various objects that had to do with the creation of the crop circle. These include ropes and plastic objects, but primarily a tool that was operated with the feet and ropes to lay the grain flat. These were surprisingly perceived as wedge-shaped, with the tools for flattening the grain for crop circle hoaxes are usually rather board-shaped .

The procedure with the tools contained at the same time the main impression “fraud”, which was further accompanied with “loveless, aggressive”, “malicious”, “picking apart, plucking” and “destruction” . This was confirmed again in another sketch with the impressions “Structure willfully destroyed, it was more natural before this” .

We then took these people with the interview tool to get even more direct information about their intention and their approach. The “answers” were quite amusing. Here is the transcription:

V = viewer
G = crop circle hoaxers

V: You there!
G: Looking up scared, like meerkats
V: What are you doing?
G: Artwork like graffiti (“because no spray cans”)
V: reasons?
G: Fun with vandalism, tension not getting caught, funny when idiots see that, prank
V: What are you hoping for?
G: Tension during the process, becoming anonymous celebrities
V: Why secretly?
G: Are you stupid? If they knew … “fear of shotgun”
V: Ciao!
G: “Tactactac” movement…

Shortly after the disappearance of the hoaxers, another person appeared in the crop circle that the viewer perceived as a researcher. This researcher investigated the crop circle, and declared it a hoax:

Then the person quickly left the place. A long time after sunrise, another group of people appeared. However, these seemed to be normal visitors or interested parties, who did not notice anything about the nocturnal happenings.

Solving & Summary: The hoaxers were caught at night from a distance by crop circle researchers, including Andreas Müller. They found many objects in the unfinished crop circle that were left behind, including tape measures and planks. Andreas Müller then decided to leave the place quickly so as not to be falsely accused of being one of the hoaxers. Later, the farmer joined in and was annoyed at those who had caught the hoaxers, so that the crop circle could not be completed. Because then the farmer could have demanded entrance fee. Conclusion: Hoax

Geo coordinates: 51°25’9.56″N, 1°50’14.60″W
Period: 08/08/2003 4pm – 09.08.2003 8am
Target reference number: 685412 931025 716309

This crop circle initially proved difficult in the sessions. However, there was the appearance of many technical aspects, including planning by computer programs. Including USB sticks and impressions of virtual 3D constructs that were possibly used for planning. The characteristics of the technical impressions were “bundling information” , “in the right interface” , “closed room” and “two persons on chairs discussing something” .

Furthermore, work processes were carried out by persons in which something was “filled out” on the basis of a template. In detail, there were the impressions “turn something” , “mischievous” and “secretly” . As involved objects there were “rounded, hollow tube” , “plan, matrix (like paper)” and “spatula” :

Finally, there was an impression that something had been “sent” from a circular structure flanked by technical objects. Whether this was an abstract perception of the crop circle or its “statement”, or something different, is unclear.

The difficulty was that no aspects of a cornfield were perceived in this session, which led to uncertainties regarding the interpretation. Only in a second session grain-like structures were recognized:

But this session also caused confusion, as the viewer felt that something was wrong with time (as if parts of the place were perceived at noon, others at sunset). Maybe there was a mixing up of the timeline. In the end, the viewer still got a strange impression that some impulse emanated from the place that triggered something in the brain ( “that you think in the pattern of the atmospheres” ). Sketch of the area in ​​the head that would be stimulated:

Whether this had anything to do with a statement inherent in the crop circle or another aspect discussed during the summary is unclear. Overall, these two sessions did not meet our desired quality standard of clarity, but we tended slightly to hoax (due to the computer impressions and “trowelling” people in the target working on a plan). Unfortunately, there was no time for further sessions on this target.

Solving & Summary: In this case, again hoaxers were caught red-handed while they created the crop circle. This was achieved by the crop circle researchers with night vision devices, which could perceive the weak LED lamps of hoaxers in the field even from a distance. The researchers decided to play loud music (“Ring of Fire”) in their car to scare the hoaxers. The LED lights showed that they were fleeing. Maybe the perceived impulses in the sessions were the sound waves from the car speakers? Unfortunately, we were unsure in this case, because the impressions were too abstract. Conclusion: Hoax

Geo coordinates: 51°10’32.14″N, 1°49’31.94″W
Period: 07/06/1996 3pm – 07/07/1996 11pm
Target reference number: 765923 105769 055135

Let’s get to the probably most complex session in this project. The viewer first got impressions at the timeframe when the crop circle was already completed. There were already many people who examined the structure. We recognize this, among other things, because people were instructed from outside to go in the middle, but should be careful not to trample anything outside the crop circle. There was nothing new created, but only something already existing explored:

In addition, a helicopter was perceived, which circled over the area, and the crew examined the circle. They also seemed to be looking for something that had to do with camera equipment. Was this a news helicopter? In any case, it seemed to be primarily about observing, measuring and filming the crop circle.

Now, of course, it should be found out how this crop circle was created. For this purpose, the timeline tool was used again, to determine the time of the crop circles creation. Several hours before the appearance of the first people, a round object was perceived, which changed the “undefined”, bristly ground (cornfield) (click to enlarge!):

Of course, this round object and its activities should be examined more closely. It turned out that on closer examination it looked rather oval or had a flexible formability. The object was relatively small, shone white-beige to yellow, and felt partly massive. It “roamed” the grain without touching it, seeming to “seek” something. Then, a kind of pressure energy pushed the grain aside:

At some point the object found a suitable place, and “injected” something (energetically?) into the soil under the grain. This caused a chain reaction that spread underground like a net (reminiscent of the propagation of a fungal network in time lapse). This process had something to do with magnetism and certain minerals in the soil that reacted chemically. Above the earth, it created a kind of negative pressure, which pulled the grain to the ground. This resulted in the final structure of the crop circle.

Apparently, these objects can not arbitrarily create crop circles anywhere, as certain soil conditions must be present for the effect. Or other techniques would have to be used. In any case, these extraordinary, energetic impressions strongly indicate that we were not dealing here with a man made crop circle, that was trampled with planks and ropes. It has also been attempted to perceive an overall picture of the crop circle, with some energetic aspects that are apparently invisible to the naked eye:

In addition to the many “sub-circles”, the viewer also perceived a meaningful course or statement behind the form, which was drawn like a dashed wheel and a center. While the center acted as a kind of anchor point, the surrounding areas contained aspects such as “growth” and “evolution”. The outermost area contained the aspects “information” and “cycle”. In addition, there were “reversive” , “mirroring” and “big / small” (like both on the large and small scale). What the exact meaning of the message was, is not clear, but it could have something to do with the origins of life.

But if this crop circle is not man-made, who are its makers? In short, the answer was “A global consciousness expresses itself by symptoms like [z] (= encoded in the session for real crop circles)!”. So it seemed more a metaphysical field of consciousness than individuals. The whole thing was reminiscent of an article or a channeling on the so-called Kanasejey, which should be a form of non-physical consciousness from the Earth’s interior. We started our own “interview” with these” consciousness-beigns” in a separate session:

V = viewer
G1 = crop circle maker

V: Hello!
G1: *happy*
V: What led you to this place?
G1: Present, Display Area, Hill
V: Why are you doing the change of place?
G1: Increase, Offer, Gift (indefinable light and love stuff)
V: With which objects do you carry out the changes?
G1: Oval, beige glowing objects:

V: Describe the activity with this object!
G1: Remote control, imprinting your own thoughts, probe
V: How does the object affect the place?
G1: Flatten the plants, push, grow, tousle, blast
V: What do you think about the place after the change?
G1: Wonderful, happy
V: Describe the function after the change!
G1: Centering attention, opening, teaching, gathering, preparing opportunities, opening mind, beyond the earthly
V: How do you find the reactions of others to the changed place?
G1: Well, some people see it that way, some the other way… *shrugs*
V: Thanks for the information!
G1: *a little bit excited*

With the article / channeling in mind that they came from within the earth, the monitor also tried to pinpoint the location of this awareness. For this a cross-section of the earth was used:

When the viewer was supposed to draw the earth as a cross section and drew the crust, he also perceived the core of the earth (here again the world view of a hollow earth is contradicted, but that only as a side aspect). When asked about the origin of the field of consciousness, he drew pulsating energy fields, which were between the upper mantle or crust and the earth’s atmosphere. So you could say that they really come from inside the earth. An extraterrestrial (technical) intervention, which is also preferred for crop circles, was excluded at least in this case.

In this long session came another interesting bycatch. Thus, the viewer got the impression of a military presence, which tracked these round objects from a distance (an antenna arrangement in a colder area, possibly Arctic Circle). There was apparently an interest in finding out the drive method of these objects in order to use them for themselves. However, it turned out in the session that this would not be possible, since it is not a pure physical technology, but an energetic manifestation. At least in today’s technological understanding, it will probably not be adaptable.

Solving & Summary: This very beautiful crop circle of 153 individual circles was built in a short time directly opposite Stonehenge , and no one could prove activities of hoaxers at that time. There are, however, various testimonies that point to a quick, non-human emergence. A taxi driver is said to have observed the circle allegedly even at its creation, which was accompanied by fog phenomena. Due to the complex session data and the situation on-site in the immediate vicinity of a tourist attraction, we consider this crop circle as authentic. Conclusion: Real

Geo coordinates: 51°23’5.58″N, 1°49’3.53″W
Period: 07/27/2001 9pm – 07/29/2001 8am
Target reference number: 498205 762856 514985

Our fifth candidate also provided very interesting impressions, though not as complex as in the previous example. Thus, the timeline showed that this crop circle was not formed at night, but rather in the afternoon. Also, no human or mechanical activities could be perceived in the formation. The first impressions already showed that a kind of energy from the ground rose through the grain, which led to a change within the stems:

In other impressions, a bright, reddish light was perceived, in which the immediate environment of the crop circle was immersed. This light was strange and untypical of human light sources. There was also a kind of wind suction, which went up. As the cause of these processes, a round, floating object appeared again, which acted on the environment with a kind of energy beam:

Despite closer examination attempts, this energy beam could only be perceived as a “pressure beam” without being able to decode the functioning behind it. When we looked at the object separately, it again showed a more elongated, oval shape. The object itself felt partly jelly-like / faint, and glowed white-bluish out of itself. On the surface of the object was a kind of “pinch” to perceive, which was reminiscent of static, and seemed to interact with the surrounding air.

The impressions on the functions of the object were “to hold things fluid”, “to make ready to radiate”, “to pulsate”, “to radiate something” and “to expand”. The effect on the plants was described as “rising”, “building”, “growing”, “forming a cup” and “like flower growth, but through energy”. Here, the process of energetic plant stimulation was probably the main aspect of the target. The object in itself acted as a nonhuman subconscious (almost like an automatism) of something greater. After a movement exercise to perceive the processes again at a distance, the main aspects of the process were:

First, the cornfield was locally submerged in reddish light, causing the grain to react. The grain was “styled” out of itself, so to speak. The main aspect, however, took place in the soil under the grain, which made this process possible in the first place. After the session, we thought soil samples from such crop circles might be very interesting, but then we heard that they already exist (including some unusual changes).

When asked what all this is for, the impressions of “beauty”, “order”, “playfulness” and “spiritual exaltation” came to mind . Whether there is a profound message behind it, or just an artistic and energetic inspiration for the people, may everyone decide for themselves. In any case, we could not find unusually deep or hidden meaning aspects (eg encrypted secret knowledge or building instructions for technologies, as some people interpret it). The message is obviously not intended for the ratio of humans, but rather on the emotional right-brain area.

Solving & Summary: This crop circle is also found to be authentic. The absence of all human activity in the period of construction, the energetic effects on the plants, the strange, reddish light, and finally the floating object, which initiated the processes, are similar to the processes from the Stonehenge crop circle. Conclusion: Real

Geo coordinates: 51°22’47.32″N, 2°0’37.17″W
Period: 08/10/1996 7pm – 08/11/1996 13pm
Target reference number: 657820 698046 087945 (bonus target)

This crop circle was being viewed as a bonus target. It is the crop circle from the famous Olivers Castle video , which is controversial. Some see it as the best proof of a paranormal crop circle emergence, others as a very good fake (for special effect technology in 1996). The latter is also due to the fact that there are now statements that the hoaxer of this video is known. But there is still a lot in the dark, and it also has not beign reproduced with the video technology avaiable back then. In this case, we only looked at the crop circle itself (geo-coordinates during the period of origin), and not the origin of the video.

The initial impressions were quite indecisive, so there was a second session on the target. But even there we got (regardless of the video) rather impressions that the crop circle was man made. In the sessions, a group of people appeared, working in a kind of party mood on the ground. They were not tense or under time pressure, and just seemed to have had their fun. There was also a casual, albeit diffuse impression of a tool. At some point, the people left again.

However, there was also an initiator person (male), who saw this matter much more seriously. He apparently made plans / papers disappear in the garbage, so that it can not be attributed to him ( “As if throwing information in the wastepaper bin”, “annoyed”, “conceal”, “nervous” …). In addition, this initiator was not on site at the time of origin, but in a house (including trash bags):

Could that be an indication of a home-faked video? To answer that, we would definitely have to do a session on the video itself. It is important to note that none of the energetic aspects from the supposedly real crop circles emerged here, but a group of people, including the initiator, were perceived. In the timeframe of the emergence, box-shaped objects (cars?) were also perceived next to the crop circles, which were not there after:

Solving & Summary: Despite the very authentic-looking video, the Olivers Castle crop circle seems to be a hoax. However, the data density was not quite sufficient for our quality standards, which is why we should definitely view this famous case again (especially the video itself). Conclusion: Hoax (subject to change …)

Overall summary: The remote viewing sessions conducted on these six crop circle examples show that there are both manmade and non-human (or “paranormal”) crop circles. However, the man-made seem to be in the in the majority, as some crop circle researchers see it. This should certainly complicate the serious crop circle research, because even the man-made cases are sometimes very impressive craftsmanship.

Is Remote Viewing the ultimate way to unlock the mystery of the crop circles? Certainly not, because it requires an interdisciplinary approach together with crop circle researchers (as with all challenging topics requiring research). But Remote Viewing can provide information where you can not get by with other methods, thereby completing the research in an unusual way. In the future there will likely be more projects of this kind, depending on the time and manpower (but that’s always the case …).

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Strange Arms at OoBE

Category: Consciousness
Protocol: CRV (with monitor via Skype)
Coordinates: 3657 3454 1767 1486
Number of viewers: 1 (Benny Pamp)
Number of sessions: 1
Date: 2012-10-13
Time: 8.45 p.m. to 9.48 p.m.
Duration: 63 minutes
Pages: 9

What can you find out when you look at people’s experiences of consciousness? The “Monroe Institute: CHEC Units” session already gave a first glimpse . Now, however, the opportunity arose for an even more special target, which comes directly from an experience report of the Thetawaves forum:

Thetawaves-Forum: Fremde Arme (german)

The other day, after re-entering the body, I had a situation that seriously gave me pause. At that point in time, I was already completely locked into the physical body with my non-physical body – almost physically awake. Indeed, I suddenly felt for a few seconds how other non-physical arms pushed their way from behind through my physical arms … so into my physical body, so to speak, from behind through the shoulders and into the fingers …. kind of like pushing your arms into latex gloves in an isolation chamber. The arms felt very cold and strange (lifeless) … that was damn scary and I wonder what the intention is and from whom … Especially this unspeakable coldness of the arms shocked me. That might sound a bit paranoid, but it was really very intense and real …

The target cue:

*Translation: “Describe Wendulins Experience that he reported in the Thetawaves-Forum in the following post…”

As is usual with such targets, the first stages showed a tangle of (often indefinable) colors and surfaces. The AIs of stage 1 expressed themselves as follows: “Prison feeling – contrast (free / walled in) – dead end – like course”

In stage 2 these AIs were shown: “Artificial – simulated – sadly authentic and not authentic” . The viewer felt that part of the target was “real” and another part was “fake”. What that could mean later became clearer.

In stage 3 , the viewer drew a strange scene with a person in the center. Here he felt it was half “real + sad” and half “fake + happy”:

So far it was only pretty abstract data (which is typical with such targets).

Of course, it gets more interesting in stage 4. The aesthetical impacts (AIs) of the viewer to the target were “One side is real (the hollow one), the other side is like a kind of hologram / illusion” . With the emotional impacts (EIs) he then perceived two separate persons / entities. Person 1 (P1) felt something like “shock cold, steadfastness, assertion” and appeared “unimpressed” . Person 2 (P2), on the other hand, appeared “hardened, used, waiting” and “bored” . As ITs of the target there was “bring it down, look at it, project” and“Create ideal / demonstrate”. The viewer’s overall conclusion about the situation was:

“Like shortly before the solution”
“Something very small is missing”

In stage 6 we then looked at the aspect “Something is missing” more precisely. We asked what was missing and it was “Idea, sparkling thought, blocked” . Here it became even clearer that only a tiny little thing is missing to something. We then continued with a person perception in order to take a closer look at the two individuals (P1 and P2) occurring in the target.

Investigation and sketching of P1 and its activities (remarkable; the estimated age at 253 years – does that relate to the energy body or soul part?). P1 is on a kind of projection surface that she apparently “operates”.

Here now also P2, after which the “relationship” between P1 and P2 was also examined.

Essentially it came out that P1 tries to break through a kind of wall or blockade, but for which the said “little thing” is still missing. P2, on the other hand, waits on the “other side” and acts like an exam taker or “representative of the supervisory authority”. Obviously, this seems to be a familiar thing for P2, because they just “sit” there, bored and waiting. More precisely, P2 was waiting for a “result from P1”. A guide who should help, but who can only contribute once the OoBe practitioner has achieved the necessary “little thing”?

But how do you explain the aspect of the “strange arms” from the experience report? In fact, no direct contact or touch between P1 and P2 was visible during the session. On the contrary: It all pointed to a spatial / dimensional separation. The viewer developed its own theory afterwards (click for full screen):

So maybe it wasn’t a guide at all, and the experiencer practically “groped himself”? Again one of countless and still emerging puzzles from metaphysical realms …

Summary: An abstract, but interesting session on an experience on the border between wakefulness and sleep. The interpretation of the processes arises from comparison experiences that were made in this state. The symbolism with some kind of projection surface appears more often with such targets. Sessions on dreams also go in the same direction, although further sessions are required in order to be able to accept recurring patterns.

This also opens up the possibility of interesting RV projects in connection with OoBE-experiments: How are the experiences made with the respective techniques or approaches? Are there such things as recognizable constants, or does the data composition remain purely subjective? Can one contribute RV as a verification aid or additional data acquisition? Perhaps a combined OoBE / RV experiment can be carried out in the Thetawaves community in the future …

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The Garden Gnome

Category: Phaenomena
Number of viewers: 2
Number of sessions: 2

At this point I would like to show you that Remote Viewing can also be used very well to expose photographic fakes. This is of course especially interesting in the paranormal area, such as UFOs or ghost photos. While non-authentic ghost photos often can be explained with natural photo effects, deliberate fakes are found primarily in the UFO area.

In our case, however, we choosed a photo that would probably fall into the area “entities” or “mythical creatures”. The starting point was a message board discussion about “orbs” and similar photo-phenomena. One of the users there eventually posted a black and white photo, that supposedly showed a dwarf creature in a nighttime forest. I quickly created a target on it:


Viewer #1

Protocol: CRV (with monitor via Skype)
Date: 13.01.2011 2011/01/13
Time: 8.43pm to 8.51pm
Duration: 8 minutes
Pages: 3

The first, really short session was conducted by a RV beginner up to Stage 3. It should have been her second or third session in total. Interestingly enough, an EI already appeared in Stage 1, namely “regret” . Whether this related to the photographer of the picture? The Stage 1 AI was then “curious” .

In Stage 2 , data matching the surroundings of the picture emerged, with “borky” and “woody” being the most noticeable ones. The AI ​​at the end of this stage now turned into “boring” . According to the sensory impressions, the viewer seemed to be on target.

Stage 3 has now become even clearer as it clearly suggests a forest environment (although for beginners this could of course be an AOL sketch due to the woody impressions, and what they also wrote out as AOLs). There was also something shiny and metallic, which could point to the wire fence in the picture. But there was no trace for a extraordinary aspect in the target, like a metaphysical dwarf. Such extraordinary content usually attracts the unconscious attention of the viewer, as it does with UFO photos or sessions on exoplanets. The AI ​​at the end: “inconsequential”


Viewer # 2

Protocol: TRV (with monitor via Skype)
Date: 2011/01/13
Time: 10.45pm to 11.07pm
Duration: 22 minutes
Pages: 5

The second session was done by a far more experienced viewer. The basic data of the first stages were also in line with the picture here. To shorten the session, the most important aspect of the target was examined directly from Stage 3 (here marked with a [x] in the middle, secondary aspects with [a], [b] and [c]):

Separate detail drawing of the [x] aspect

Stage 4 brought similar AIs, as from the first session: “boring – strange – stupid” . EIs were in the [x] aspect no one to determine, from which one could probably conclude that it is not a living object. Also interesting are the ITs “stand – nature” .

Finally, in Stage 6 , the structure of the [x] aspect was inspected closer. It came back to the IT “stand” and also unspectacular Ts (tangible things / materials) as “clay” and “wood”. Around the structure, there were also the Ts “meadow” and “area” . As a final AI, the viewer found the target as “boring”.

The detailed sketch of the structure clearly shows that it was an exakt hit. The attached data leads to the conclusion that it is not a living entity or an metaphysical entity, but a static object made of ordinary materials. Note also the AOLs “robot”, and especially “garden gnome”.

Summary: After we published the two sessions, the somewhat impressed photographer gave us a photo with a (fairly broken) garden gnome there in the meadows, that has been deliberately photographed in black and white. Would he have admitted it if the sessions had not brought such clear results? In any case, a great example of how Remote Viewing can expose photographic fakes …

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Monroe Institute: CHEC-Units

Category: Places / Consciousness
Protocol: CRV (with monitor via Skype)
Coordinates: 9475 2145 8522 2475
Number of viewers: 1 (Stefan Franke)
Number of sessions: 1
Date: 2012-04-21
Time: 11.25 p.m. to 00.20 a.m.
Duration: 55 minutes
Pages: 8

Since my interest in consciousness phenomena (in addition to remote viewing) is mainly in the area of ​​out-of-body experience, I got the following target to see some time ago:

This is a so-called “CHEC-Unit” (controlled holistic environmental chamber), which is used at the Monroe Institute in seminars to support out-of-body experiences and other states of consciousness. These chambers almost completely shield sensory stimuli and are equipped with headphones for Hemi Sync recordings for further support, so that one can fully concentrate on achieving the desired state of consciousness. Here is a video explaining such a chamber:

These chambers are regularly in use, as seminars (like Gateway) are constantly taking place at the Monroe Institute, which are composed of small groups. When looking at this target, it came to very interesting impressions: It was actually a group that was working in these chambers on a common goal, and was supported by some entities. Here is the explanation of the session:

The first stages brought data that matched the chamber itself. It felt like I was in a cramped, rectangular room. But suddenly a kind of “channel” opened up to the upper right, which looked like a short tunnel and simply went through the walls:

CHEC-Unit (S3)

Stage 3 – Impression of the cramped chamber (left) with the tunnel suddenly appearing (right), and unambiguous AIs (… “opens like infinite” … “amazing, baffled” … “arouses curiosity” …).

At the end of the tunnel, I had the impression of a kind of door that was opened, and behind it was something like “colorful infinity” (I can’t put it any other way). Perhaps as if you were stepping out of a narrow airlock into immeasurable space, only that no boundaries or fixed reference points were perceptible here. The impressions were experienced by a group of individuals, of whom my first impression at stage 4 was:

“Group of EIs (emotional impacts) at the lower end – looking euphorically into the imposing – neutral hysteria”

I then examined the term “neutral hysteria” more precisely in stage 6 using a relational diagram, and recognized that the cause of this was “hope”, “open” and “what was impressive above” . At that moment I also noticed the opening of the aforementioned “door” and sketched it.

Then my monitor let me examine how the door was opened. The opening had something to do with the group of individuals (seminar participants?) And was partly caused by them. Now we asked what the other part was, which is also causing it, and the impressions came “Help from outside – powerful, great” . We examined the impression “help from outside” and asked about the intention, whereupon the impressions “benevolent – positive attention – help – enable” came about.

At that moment I also noticed that the help was coming from some highly developed, imposing entities, which more or less helped to open the “door” in both directions. These entities made a very pleasant and sublime impression. A company that you can enjoy through and through (as long as you don’t focus on it, like some ungrounded contemporaries in these areas 😉 ). Then we asked whether the group of individuals (G1) could do this alone, which was answered in the affirmative. On the part of the perceived entities, it was actually only a matter of assistance, and not an unconditional requirement.

Finally, we examined the IT “movement – then shoot in one direction” , which appeared in stage 4. We asked about the intention or the purpose, and I got the impressions “brighten – become clear – knowledge – reveal / Aha! -Effect” . Then the session ended with impressive conclusion AIs:


And here again especially for you as an incredibly selfless luxury service; a transcribed (and translated) version of the relational diagrams from stage 6 (since right-brained writing is sometimes hardly legible :D):


Summary:  A very interesting experience, the experience of other states of consciousness, so to speak from “outside”, without having to go out of the body, for example. And another example, which not only the physical world can be viewed, but also that which is normally ascribed to the metaphysical realm and which so far can only be experienced through self-experience. Furthermore, it is a good indication that such processes actually take place in the seminars at the Monroe Institute, and that it is not based on group suggestion or imagination (as poorly informed skeptics sometimes claim). Interesting side aspect: The “door” that appeared in the session was drawn by another viewer exactly like this in a session on a similar topic. Possibly an archetypal symbolism.

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Mysterious Sounds in the Sky

Category: Phaenomena
Protocol: CRV (with monitor via Skype)
Coordinates: 7452 9456 7885 6316
Number of viewers: 1 (Benny Pamp)
Number of sessions: 1
Date: 2012/01/24
Time: N/A
Duration: N/A
Pages: 7

The target was this video from Belgium with the mysterious sky noise:

The target formulation was:

“Describe the booming sound heard in the video, its cause and purpose!” (With video URL)

The target was processed by Benny to stage 6. As a first impression, I would say the following about our results:

It was most likely not a fake, in the sense of a subsequently built-in noise. There was no such intention, and the incoming data was so powerful and amazing for the viewer that it would not fit a fake. Feeling deeper into the AIs also revealed no negative aspects (in the sense of HAARP, Bluebeam or the like). It seemed rather to be a very sublime and pure consciousness (apparently non-human, or at least not categorizable) that produced these effects for a particular purpose.

The purpose included aspects such as “cleanse” (which should be replaced by warm / cold wet cold water), “occupy” (which “belongs to”, but no structural / physical premises) and “leave an impression”. The latter included the aspects of “imprint”, “education” and “pointing in the right direction”). In describing the entity doing this (“by whom?”), Aspects such as “feminine,” “wise,” “delicate,” and “nonhuman, because so perfect,” came. If I had to guess , I would come up with “Gaia” or “Earth Consciousness”. But that only purely hypothetical, otherwise I will not do justice to the “neutrality” that I expect from myself.

Here are some interesting details from the session …

In Stage 3 , an interior spatiality with windows and an outdoor area can be interpreted (like the environment in the video):

7452945678856316 (Stufe 3)

The source of the noise has been clearly identified and marked with an [x] (this is done for a later detailed investigation of this aspect). The aspect “wet cold” is also interesting because it was rainy in the video outside. A closer examination of the cause of the noise made it rather abstract. Benny drew the following sketch:

7452945678856316 (Stufe 3x - 01)

There was a “vibration” in the noise source, which apparently took place in a spatial but non-material environment (at least there were no surfaces to touch, but that could be in the air). On closer inspection, a shiny, golden ball appeared. It seemed to be the center of the whole thing:

7452945678856316 (Stufe 3x - 02)

In the following Stage 4, detailed aspects of the target were queried in tabular form:

7452945678856316 (Stufe 4)

Finally, Stage 6 with the Relational tool, which in this case was used on Stage 4 terms that we wanted to explore more closely:

7452945678856316 (Stufe 6)

The underlined terms from Stage 4 were examined. In the last box (middle right), I asked Benny to spontaneously draw the person / entity that made it all up. But it was, as I said, not really tangible / categorizable, but only a kind of indefinable, impressive consciousness. See also final AIs in Stage 4 at the end:

“I’m lost for words”
“Everything I write is absolutely meant”
“Love (caring sense), security”
“Wet cold (unintentionally carry along)”

Summary: It was a very impressive session (for the viewer). Of course, since it was just a single session, we can not be fully sure about the true nature of the target. Of course, there is still the possibility of getting into some AULs, and the target is actually a well-made fake. But the AIs are remarkable here.

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