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Topics examined with RV (as of 2019-11-20)

I am always asked if we have already examined this and that topic with Remote Viewing, or if you can look it up somewhere. Unfortunately, attempts to establish a German-language or international comparison database have failed so far (qualified software is already available, but nobody uses it yet). That’s why I’ll just write down which (border) topics we (ie my RV environment and I) have worked on so far. Of course, some topics also overlap. Single sessions, the little provided, or half-hearted getasket / gemonitort, I leave out here. Also, of course, confidential and irrelevant targets, exercise targets (unmanageable) and incidental sports betting and stock market targets. Some of the sessions and projects were also presented here in detail in this blog.


Atlantis (descriptions and mapping)
Ark of the covenant (not just old sand)
Underground tunnels near Kritzendorf (descriptions and intentions)
Great Pyramids of Giza (definitely no tombs)
Baltic Sea anomaly (Ocean-X) (at times a kind of place of worship)
Puma Puncu Ruins (description at the time of their completion)
Wonders of the world (meaning)
Yonaguni Monument (artificial)


2014 MU69 (destination after Pluto for New Horizons)
1I / 2017 U1 (Oumuamua)
2M1207b (Planet as a whole)
Ceres (the dwarf planet as a whole and internal structure)
Charon (moon of Pluto as a whole and interior construction)
Enceladus (moon of Saturn as a whole and interior design)
Epsilon Eridani b (Planet as a whole)
Earth (in 5 billion years)
Earths Moon (various targets, including moon flights)
Europe (Jupiter’s moon interior or ice-ocean)
Ganymede (Jupiter’s moon as a whole and interior construction)
Jupiter (planet as a whole and interior construction)
Meteor of Chelyabinsk (video)
Gliese 581c (different targets)
Io (volcanic eruption and crust)
KIC 8462852 (signs of artificial activity)
Mars (different targets)
Mars – Cydonia (artificial structures, like in other Cydonia-projects)
Mars Moon Phobos (appeared to be partial hollow inside)
Planet 9 (apparently exists)
Pluto (Planet as a whole)
Proxima Centauri b (planet and surroundings)
Saturn (planet as a whole)
Black holes (Milky Way galaxy)
Titan (surface; Huygens probe)
Triton (Moon of Saturn as a whole)
Venus (surface, Venera probe)
Topography of the universe (physical and metaphysical)

Consciousness phenomena:

Out-of-body experiences (different targets)
Consciousness structures in themselves (processes, properties, energy, higher self etc …)
Non-physical constructs (intentionally manifested and foreign)
Otherkin phenomenon (non-human soul part)
Perceptions of people (living, otherworldly and other incarnations)
The human qualia (agonizing)
Remote Viewing (Effects, Properties, Operations etc …)
Samadhi State (Hambo Lama Daschi-Dorsho)
Dreams (structure and content meanings)


Leonardo DaVinci and the Mona Lisa (apparently not a real person)
Crashed metal ball in Africa (hydrazine tank)
Challenger disaster (from the outside and from the crew point of view)
Djatlow Pass (Hunter of the Lost Ark + Event Horizon)
Falcon X Heavy Roadster in space (no fake, dear Flat Earthers!)


Various confidential targets (physical and psychological, including causes of death)
Stomach and intestinal flu virus (probably Noro virus)

Myths, legends and legends:

Irish legend about the Tuatha / Sidhè (seems to be only a myth)


The Quest for the Atomium (Mapping and dowsing experiment)
The everyday benefits of Remote Viewing (including sample order of a localization)


Various paranormal experiences (time phenomena, lost ideas, visions etc …)
Strange Sounds in the Sky (Single selection, there are also clear fakes)
Hoia Baciu Forest (picture by Bernhard Reicher as a starting point)
Crop Circles (as part of a CROPfm broadcast)
Spoon bending (processes or causes)
Spooky phenomena (human and non-human, also in photos)
Untersberg (description and localization of time anomalies)
The Dwarf (unmasked as fake)


Barium titanate atoms (several sessions)
Chemtrails / Contrails (undecided)

Animals and nature:

Dog (Deep Mind Probe)
Cat (perception of person)
Palmtree and its perception (“by-catch” in a session)
Housefly (Deep Mind Probe)
Termites (“Interview”)
Sheep peristalsis (delicious)
Locate nature locations (form of mapping)

UFOs and aliens

Alien Abductions (four cases from Germany)
Amphibian humanoid species (different targets)
Various humanoid species (appeared in sessions as “by-catch”)
Triangle UFO of the Belgian UFO wave (photo target)
Jerusalem UFO (most likely fake)
Plasma balls (intelligently controlled)
Points of light near Aachen (probably only AWACs aircraft)
Most beautiful humanoid life form in the universe (subjective!)


Flat Earth (sorry, it’s not flat!)
Inner structure of the earth (review of the hollow earth theory)
Reiki energy system (apparently no initiation needed to use it)

Entities (metaphysical):

Angels (different targets)
Lilith (as part of a community affair)

Time travel:

Location in 500 years (place seems to be slightly anomalous in itself)
Probability localization (mechanisms of timelines)