Meteor of Chelyabinsk

In this article I would like to present a session on the event known as “Meteor of Chelyabinsk“, which was proposed as a target by moderator Tarek Al-Ubaidi in the run-up to the CROPfm program “Wahrnehmung, Interpretation und Glaube” (in german language).

The intention was to explore two aspects:

1. Was it just a normal, burning meteorite, or something else?
2. Did the event have something to do with the asteroid “2012 DA14” passing the Earth on the same day?

Video recordings of the event (Warning: Sometimes loud!):

And of course the session itself …

Category: Events / Astronomy

Protocol: CRV (with monitor)
Coordinates: 0098 4805 2379 5147
Number of Viewers: 1
Number of sessions: 1
Date: 2013/04/19
Time: 9.09am – 10.00am
Duration: 51 minutes
Pages: 10

The target formulation was as follows:

RV - Meteor von Tscheljabinsk - Target
(Target Cue-Translation: “Describe the event known as “Meteor of Chelyabinsk” in Russia at the date of 2013/02/15!”)

In addition, a [x] encoding has been added for later matching of the event to the asteroid “2012 DA14”.

First, interesting AI’s (own sensations to the target) in Stage 1 were “moving free”, “seems a bit stressed” and here slightly cynical AOL/S (comparison – how is it?) “Like Somalia” (in the sense from the mood of a crisis area). Also, a lot of movement and material change has already been noticed in the target.

In Stage 2 , in addition to matching color impressions (with regard to the videos), it was mainly surface impressions such as “sandy”, “floury”, “breathy” and “rounded” that were emphasized. But the sounds of “rattling”, “buzzing” and “pulling hiss” also fit on the events to be seen. The AI’s of the viewer were “I am like a tourist” and “unsure”.

It became visually interesting already in stage 3 :

RV - Meteor von Tscheljabinsk - S3

The viewer apparently drew a trajectory high above building-like structures, traffic, and already strong nearby EI sources, which were described in their essence as “excited.” Most interesting, however, he found a moving, yellow-glowing, expanding component above the area, which he immediately marked as target-relevant with a commercially available [x] (but has nothing to do with the coded in advance [x] in the target formulation!). As AI’s to this Stage 3 came “stressful”, “lots of movement” and “places to hide”.

Since the viewer seemed to be good on target, I let him examine the [x] aspect he marked with a movement command in more detail:

RV - Meteor von Tscheljabinsk - S3 [x]

In essence, he described here a spherical object, which was pressed apart and thereby gradually liquefied. The surface impressions were “hard”, “charred” and “crispy”. Inside, it became liquid or “creamy” due to the cracking gaps on the surface. As AI, the viewer had the desire to squeeze the ball, otherwise it would be “spongy” and “consistency-free”. In addition, he still felt it as a “normal process”, but at the same time an “enormous power” included.

After that, I had the process drawn in a kind of sequence form to make the individual processes even clearer:

RV - Meteor von Tscheljabinsk - S3 (Comic)

The viewer referred here first to what happens to the material itself (1-5), then to an entire before / after image of the object. It is interesting that in picture 4 even a sort of glazing effect (“smooth-glassy”, “like amber”) was perceived on the surface. The conclusion to the process was “contrast disappears between hard and soft – in the end only watery-loamy gossip”. His AI “I find it stupid” expresses a deep sympathy with the fate of the meteor that fell apart. 😀

RV - Meteor von Tscheljabinsk - S3 (Vorher - Nachher)

After this fruitful marathon of movement commands and sketch drawing, we finally devoted ourselves to Stage 4. Since it was already so emotional, we immediately devote ourselves to the AI ​​column: “stressed”, “break” and the AOL/S “has something of state in war zone – change – not commonplace for western world”. I think that describes the atmosphere of the event quite well. As collective EI’s came “excitement”, “mocking” and “helplessness”. The impression of “excitement” was marked for a further study in Stage 6. As IT’s (immaterial aspects – what does it do?), Impressions such as “shifting”, “pushing” and “maintaining balance until it has no more contrast” came. The latter probably refers to the physical processes from the detailed Stage 3 sketches.

Now we went to Stage 6 , where we first examined the marked EI “Excitement”. I asked for the cause of the excitement, which then unfolded as a “foreign determination”, “disagreeing”, “rebelling”, and “wanting to rebel, but not able to”. Continuing, I asked, “Why can not you protest?”. There then came “lack of knowledge” and “one wants to have a say, but ‘it’ ignores them”. This can be interpreted as an emotional context of natural disasters, where there is no “basis for negotiation”. Interesting here is the strong impression of the collective rebellion against the event. Is that the Siberian mentality towards cosmic cataclysms? If so, I like it, because anger is better than despair. 😀

As a final Stage 6 task was still to query the original additional coding from the target formulation. Did this event have something to do with the 2012 DA14 asteroid, or was it just a coincidence? The dimension line with the question “Does Target have to do with [x]?” Tended to “no”. This would at least match the official statements that the orbit data of both objects would have excluded a connection with the event in Russia.

RV - Meteor von Tscheljabinsk - S6 (Entscheidungstool)

At the very end, as a summary, so to speak, I had the “consequence of event at the target” query. The viewer then summarized it as follows:

– It’s getting spongy
– The consistency goes away
– It gets very loose
– Suddenly it contracts
– It easily attracts the rest
– Puff! Fly apart in all directions
– Only air, but no matter
– Much is carried away by a “wave”
– Wave is multiple, fluttering downright
– Extremely high and intermittent
– Slow, not harmful (for humans)
– Dissolves matter through waves, like pulling apart
– By shaking / pulverizing by vibration
– AOL/S: Like sound wave

The viewer described it as matter vibrating and swirling like a powerful speaker. Apparently, he has described here the pressure of the sound wave, which among other things could burst many windows, and also injured people by the resulting fragmentation effect (indirect). The final AI for the whole session was “happening regularly” and “nothing special”.

Summary: According to the session data, one can say with great certainty that this was actually a normal (albeit relatively powerful) meteorite explosion in the atmosphere. Spectacular attention came only because of its proximity to populated areas where people and structures were damaged by the blast, as the meteorite exploded. With the asteroid “2012 DA14”, which flew by chance on the same day near the earth, there seemed to be no direct connection either.

In recent years, a veritable hype has been observed in the paranormal scene, with a tendency to overinterpret such cosmic events. But sometimes a meteorite is just a meteorite, even if he finishes his (um) career with awesome noise in front of thousands of eyewitnesses. 😉

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