A Short Trip To Saturn’s Moon Titan (Update)

Here is a update to Saturn’s moon Titan, this time again in a blind solo session. The article about the previous session can be found HERE.

Category: Astronomy

Protocol: CRV (Solo)
Coordinates: 1872 6380 9566 6713
Number of viewers: 1 (Stefan Franke)
Number of sessions: 1
Date: 2015/05/21
Time: 11.14am – 12.02am
Duration: 48 minutes
Pages: 9

The target was again a photo, but a bit higher above the atmosphere (while it was about 8km above the surface last time):

RV - Titan (Target 2)
(Translation: “Describe the image at the time of the photograph!”)

In the first Stages there were appropriate impressions to the session at that time, and also to the visual position of the picture (“black”, “yellow”, “green”, “blue” ). It was also striking that it seemed stuffy there, as if the air was pressed out of your nose (vacuum?). The dimensional impressions corresponded to those of a large, nearby sphere. The impression in combination with the colors was already so concrete that it led to the AOL “yellow planet in front of me” (consisting of the impressions “yellow”, “white”, “rounded”, “big”).

Stage 3 led to this sketch of a big, yellowish ball:

RV - Titan (S3)

Here were some noticeable details perceptible on the globe, such as turbulence, mountainous protuberances and white glittering (ice? Methane-ocean?). The AI “baffled” testifies to the imposing sight, which was offered here.

In Stage 4, more concrete impressions emerged, such as “sandy”, “cool veils”, “swirling”, “rotating air layer” and “being centered”. Stage 6 then consisted of some sweeping movement commands to get a better overview. Just like in the first session, again high black and yellow cloud structures came into the attention. They were reminiscent of very thick storm clouds. Furthermore, the impression “cool veils” from Stage 4 was examined more closely:

RV - Titan (Target 2) (S6)

The cross-sectional representation, which suggests the unusually thick cloud layer or atmosphere, and the wet-sandy surface underneath, should be particularly clear here:

On the last page there was again a big movement command, which should change the perspective to 1000x distance to the target. The result was the following, complex impression, in which two new individual impressions were added:

RV - Titan (Target 2) (S6-1000x)

The round object in the middle should be titan, because the movement went away from there. Above, in the distance, another bright object became perceptible, with turbulences on the surface. Maybe it was Saturn with its gas surface, because there are no other celestial bodies with a significant atmosphere nearby (except Titan).

On the right side an artificial structure appeared, which was supposed to “watch” and “grab” information. This could be a perception of the Cassini probe that shot the target photo. Certain similarities with the underside of Cassini could be guessed in the sketch:

RV - Titan (Target 2) (S6-Cassini)
To the right: Cassini-Huygens probe (Source: NASA)

At least more likely, as if there had just happened to be a non-terrestrial, technical object flying past.
But you never know… 😀

So much for another small solo trip to Titan.
Most of the time on Titan, the huge cloud towers that are created there in the atmosphere have caught my attention. So far, life signs could not be perceived there, but blind solo sessions have their limits in the targeting.

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