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Venera spacecraft on the planet Venus

Category: Astronomy
Protocol: CRV (with monitor via Skype)
Coordinates: 1524-3997
Number of viewers: 1 (Christian Rotz)
Number of sessions: 1
Date: 02/02/2011
Time: 12.11pm to 12.32pm
Duration: 21 minutes
Pages: 5

This target was based on a color image of the landing probe of one of the russian Venera spacecrafts. They survived only briefly in the inhospitable Venus atmosphere (official data: almost 500°C heat, almost 100 bar air pressure and sulfuric acid clouds). It was a short session from our early days in Remote Viewing.

1524-3997 (Target)

The target was processed until Stage 4. It included a separate processing on a single aspect ([x]), and two movement exercises (one for centering, and one from 50m above the target). Here are the most interesting excerpts and aspects of the session:

Stage 2 Impressions

Colors: white, light, black, gloss, yellow
Textures: Soft, hard, yielding, dry
Smells: Artificial, rubbery, plastic
Tastes: Artificial
Temperatures: cool, fresh
Sounds: hum
Dimensions: flat, leveled, tall, far, floating

Stage 2 Impressions [x]

Surfaces: cool, hard, wet
Colors: gray, white, dark
Smells: Artificial, rubbery
Tastes: soft
Temperatures: cool
Sounds: noise, crackling
Dimensions: flat, wide, angular, shallow, upright

1524-3997 (Skizze von oben)

Stage 4 Impressions [x]

Sensory impressions (S): soft, dry, yielding, grainy, mushy
Dimensional impressions (D): outside, wide, heavy
Aesthetic Impression (AI): disorder, useful, endure
Emotional Impact (EI): difficult, coping, concern, intolerance
Intangibles (IT): protection, damage

AI (emotional conclusion of the viewer): “I don’t want to be there!”

1524-3997_Skizze (Schaden)
Spontaneous sketch after Stage 4 with impressions of the environment. Low hills or dunes are visible.

1524-3997_Skizze (seitlich)

More detailed sketch, were we can guess the Venera landing probe on the right side. In addition, there is a movement aspect which may refer to the landing approach.

I would like to emphasize above all the emotional impressions (EI) in Stage 4, which can be understood as foreign emotions on the target. Interestingly enough, these are in keeping with the general mood that prevailed in mission control at that time around this part of the mission (since the probes, as we said at the beginning, quickly became inoperative and one could be glad to get any data from them at all). At least that is more plausible at first sight than that there were any living beings on the Venus surface who felt these complex emotions. In that case, one could even speculate that the probe acted as a kind of “avatar” for the emotions and impressions of the ground crew on Earth who controlled it. Other Venus sessions that have since been made, but were targeted away from the landing probe, did not show any EIs in the local environment (which is really rare when you’re used to targets on Earth).

Venera (CGI)

Another peculiar aspect is the descriptions of “cool” in the temperatures. According to official measurements, the Venus surface is around 480-500 °C. Only the interior of the probe was initially cooled to below 0° C, so it worked for a short time at all. However, the absence of heat is already noticeable. It must be said, however, that a viewer in such sensory individual aspects can also be wrong (apparently often in colors and temperatures).

Several sessions with different viewers on the same target would perhaps provide even more differentiated results of the individual impressions. But apart from the temperature aspect (unless it’s really cooler there and the temperature measurements are flawed), the session is amazingly accurate.

Update 10/10/2012: In the meantime, such unexpected temperature sensations have also been revealed during sessions on other planets or other extreme environments, which are sometimes described as inappropriate, but sometimes also suitable (eg “freezing cold” in space, “as in a furnace” on the sun, “like in a steel mill” in other Venus sessions). It is still unclear what these different sensations are, but perhaps it has to do with the extraordinary temperature conditions in such targets, which are simply beyond the usual temperature sensations of humans (like with hot steam or dry ice one sometimes cann not tell if it is hot or cold).

Summary: An interesting single session on the planet Venus, which confirmed well known facts, but also offered unexpected aspects.

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Various session extracts

Here is a small collection of various session excerpts, mainly from exercise targets (or calibration targets). Although some of the well-made sketches here may be impressive, the RV mainly looks at the underlying data (ie, what you can not see in a photo). However, especially in stage 3, the sketches serve as feedback to the monitor as to whether the viewer is “on target” (or for solo sessions, just for the viewer itself).


Rough stage 6 extract from a sail mast (pay attention to the climber).



A kind of diving bell.



Egyptian-style corridor in a museum with replicas of famous exhibits. The rilled structure on the statue came into its own in the session. The AI ​​states, among other things, “like artwork / exhibition”.



Rotating disco ball with analysis of the surface. A very confusing target …


Stufe 1 - Zippo

Ignition wheel of a Zippo lighter, including correct direction of rotation. The corresponding “stick” is inside under the wheel (it presses the flint against the wheel with a spring).



Antique dog (the two humans strangely did not appear in the session).


RV - Saturn

Session on the planet Saturn, where especially a conspicuous, hexagonal storm at one of the poles was well described.


Tauchgang - 01

Impressions from a session on a dive. Here you can guess on the basis of the spontaneous dimension (~ 2m] and the facial features with “mask” of a diver.


Tauchgang - 02

Also from the session on a dive; a lifeform-impression, which indicates according to dimension and appearance on a fish (which led also inevitably to the AUL “Fish”).


AUL-Treffer - Brunnen

AOL hits on a fountain (first sketch) with later approach to the real structure (second sketch).



Example of a selfportrait of the viewer. He made a blind-session on himself and was finally told to draw the target wave . The arrows came from the direction of his screen (Skype session), and were perceived as lights.


Remote Viewing - Der Test

Example from the short RV-documentary “Remote Viewing – The Test.



Stage 4 on an industrial robot. The intangibles (like “production”) are especially interesting here.


Belgische UFO-Welle

Stage 3 on the famous triangle UFO of Belgium in 1989.



Session on a gastrointestinal flu virus that caused “fulminant vomiting diarrhea”.


Deep Mind Probe - Portrait

Portrait of a person perception in stage 6.


Trails am Himmel

“…Nothing but blue skies do I see…”


Identification chip inside a runaway pet as a target for localization.


Localization of a lost wallet with money.


Good example of the puzzle-like perception of individual aspects in stage 3.


Saturn V-Rakete

Stage 3 session on a Saturn V rocket.


RV - Pyramide

One of the Great Pyramids of Giza


Atomium - Skizze

Atomium in Brussels


Mars - Opportunity

Opportunity rover on Mars


Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge


Firefighting Plane



Adivino-Pyramid in Uxmal (final sketch after four solo-sessions by Benny Pamp)



Fireworks (Trainee-Session)


Kölner Dom

Cologne Cathedral (Trainee-Session)


Kölner Dom

Rolex Replica (Trainee-Session)


Grazer Uhrturm

Clock Tower in Graz, Austria (Trainingssession)


City Skyliner

City Skyliner (Trainee-Session)



Portrait of a Sheep



Hurricane Isabel (Trainee-Session)


Nasser Fuchs

Fox taking refuge in a garden bar while two people stand outside and discover him (Trainee-Session)


Cat Content

Cat Content (Trainee-Session)