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The Lilith-Entity

In connection with the topic “Lilith”, which was dealt with in depth in another forum a few months ago, Bazur and I did a remote viewing session on this very entity or energy. Although we clearly stated that we did not make any claims to the accuracy or correct interpretation of the data, our session results were not wanted by the administration there and were ultimately even deleted. For this reason, I will leave out the context and the exact target formulation here, as I respect the wish (as irrational as it may seem). I’m going to publish the essence of the session here because otherwise it would be a shame about all the work we have done for it. Maybe someone can do something with it…

So here are just the raw data with a couple of neutral explanations of our impressions:

Bazur was my viewer, who of course was blindly aimed at the target. The target task was as follows (an addition relating to the forum mentioned above has been removed):

“Describe the entity “Lilith” that appeared in connection with the […] forum and make contact!”

Let us now turn to the contents of the session. First the statistical data:

Category: Consciousness
Protocol: CRV (with monitor via Skype)
Coordinates: 5287 7386 5722 6494
Number of viewers: 1
Number of sessions: 1
Date: 2012-04-18
Time: 00.11h to 01.17h
Duration: 66 minutes
Pages: 10

From now on to the actual course of the session:
Already in stage 1 (ideogram – first approach to the target) there was a flood of data. In addition to the usual sensory impressions, some interesting AIs (the viewers emotional impressions about the target) came to light:

AI (on about half of the ideogram): jumped like level changed
AI (at the end of stage 1): balance to imbalance

In stage 2, the sensory impressions were further specified. The AI ​​in the end: As if something is waiting, arriving

In stage 3, the viewer sketches its first, rough impressions of the target. A kind of tunnel emerged here through which something is conducted (information / energy?). But the tunnel is still partly unfinished, like a construction site. Suddenly a “foreign body” shot through this tunnel construct and partially destroyed it again. This process didn’t seem to be a one-off. At first I thought of a twisting mechanism that should disrupt the true flow of data, but I didn’t want to jump to conclusions (as a monitor you keep that to yourself until the end). Here is the stage 3 sketch:

Lilith (Stufe 3)

The AI ​​of stage 3 referred above all to the named “foreign body”, which caught Bazur’s attention: Chaotic, strong, foreign body

After that, we went to stage 4. From stage 4 onwards, it only really becomes concrete in the remote viewing protocol, because the previous stages are only used to approach the target. In addition to a summary of the most important, sensory impressions and dimensional data (the tunnel construct reappeared), other AIs appeared here: “romms”, chaotic, strange

Then we looked to see if there were foreign emotions (EIs) in the target. This is the general indicator of the existence of any kind of consciousness. Bazur immediately described strong impressions: anger, liberated, satisfied

The ITs were also interesting (functions – “What does the target do? What is it for? What is it for?”). There the following impressions came up: keeping in shape, speed, insulating, transporting, control, order, dissolving compact

The final AI for stage 4 was: Feeling like a prison break , rescue / revenge measure

We then went straight to stage 6 , where I instructed Bazur to examine the EIs (foreign emotions) that had emerged. These were deciphered as follows:

it holds back for a long time, but the inability of others upset

Liberated (by what means ?): You are not allowed to take any
your own hands

Satisfied (why?):
vengeance prove injustice to oneself

lack of appreciation
not taken seriously
it’s right and says it, but no one listens

Here we are getting closer to the matter. One issue is slowly emerging. Immediately afterwards I had Bazur make a personal perception of the “person” (P1) in the target to whom the EIs belonged. I asked various aspects, starting with the current job:

Is torn from linen
suggests something one

Then I had the appearance of the “person” described:

variable stature
rather masculine (to be understood energetically), but like a child – gender aspect does not matter
pronounced forehead
“bundles of joy” cheeks
large, light blue eyes (crazy look)
bundled hair (reminiscent of Rasta)

I then also asked Bazur to draw the person’s perceived face:

Lilith (Gesicht)

The somewhat strange facial features and hair that reminded of worms or tentacles are the most noticeable features. They reminded a bit of the Medusa myth, where there seem to be overlaps with the Lilith myth. But I’m not that versed in mythology.

Next I had the mental abilities described:

Mental abilities:
Dual output
sucks in from below, changes, and gives out above

In this case, rather abstract perceptions, apparently from the energetic abilities of P1.

Now I had the character described:

“adapter” – gives in what is incompatible, makes it form-fitting / neutral / systemically
warm core

A fact that is problematic for P1 was shown visually:

Lilith (Interview 01)

As if several “channels” were necessary for the smooth fulfillment of tasks, but all but one of them are blocked. This makes the process slow and tedious.

Finally, I let Bazur describe P1’s calling:


There only the “adapter” aspect appeared again. Apparently in the sense that information is to be transformed / adapted and brought into a correct form.

Now I wanted to know exactly, and as the final tool in this session I started an “interview” with P1:

V = Viewer ( Bazur )
P1 = Target person ( “Lilith” )
AI = Own emotional impression / conclusion

Italics added here for a better understanding.

V: Hello, we would like to ask you a few questions. Do you have the time and inclination?
P1: P1 pulls me towards him (dizziness, extremely out of phase).
V: What is your current task in relation to the target environment? (Target environment = “censored” forum / community)
P1: I don’t like your density.

Lilith (Interview 02)
V: Why don’t you like the density?
P1: It should repel itself (or it should be in motion). (Forum Community) works against nature. (Example: Magnetic balls should repel each other!)
V: How can we change that, that the balls fit together ?
P1: There is no center, but a ring.
Lilith (Interview 03)
V: Why is it not a ball?
P1: The link to the environment would be disturbed. Not natural, split off, artificial = imagination / illusion.
V: What makes……… (answers from P1 came so quickly that V couldn’t keep up with the writing) (… where does the problem arise?)
P1: wishful thinking, hope, too little mass to understand.
Lilith (Interview 04)

V: What is the end goal of your current assignment?
P1: Chaos, incentive to reassemble, hint (hint through the chaos / giving an incentive to rethink / reassemble something)
P1: The rules according to which it is built are misunderstood.
V: Please brake! (Flow of information too fast)
P1: pool too small (capacity too small => target)
V: Quite possible, I understand that (throws in the monitor, so wingman)
P1: Calms down, slows down speed.
V: Thank you, we take note of the information. We try to make something constructive out of it.
P1: Gently / lovingly pushes me (viewer) away from you again.

AI: P1 is relatively sober. Not playful, but very loving.
AI: Is informative – I have to sort it.


Summary: So that was our session and contact with “Lilith”. I would like to keep my conclusion relatively short: In my impression, the function of the “Lilith” energy is to destroy false conceptual constructs and beliefs so that the “recipients” (i.e. the people, in this case the Community) are forced to put their existing information together in a new and neutral way. It could be symbolized as if something made of porcelain had shattered, people found it and put it together incorrectly (due to wrong ideas). Now Lilith smashes it again so that people have to put it back together. But this time as it corresponds to its true form. Perhaps also an analogy to the first dinosaur finds, which were put together incorrectly and the remains of mythical creatures were interpreted from them.

The point here is to neutralize errors, self-projections and unquestioned beliefs. Basically, to set something to zero in order to (more objectively) recognize it anew. Or expressed in dual terms; to reconcile the mind and rationality with intuition and newly opening “channels” (some would call it “heart connection”), and not to let one distort the other. One may assign these aspects here in the duality to the male and female principle, but perhaps one should not interpret it too figuratively, otherwise one narrows the horizon. In my opinion, what has been demonized are primarily “interfaces to knowledge”, which are archaically associated with the “female principle”. Just that what goes beyond pure “binary thinking” ordoes not deal exclusively with the physical causalities (i.e. the principles that are more masculine). The connection to the source / remembering, so to speak. But it could well be that I still have a very incomplete picture of it.

The overall essence could probably be paraphrased as follows:
“Certainties through self-awareness, instead of stagnation through beliefs.”

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Baltic Sea Anomaly (Ocean-X)

Category: Archeology
Number of viewers: 4
Number of sessions: 4

I’ve sent four viewers to the mysterious circular structure in the Baltic Sea. All sessions were conducted up to Stage 6. A few background information on the subject can be found here (in german language):

grenz|wissenschaft-aktuell – Schatzsucher finden mysteriöse Kreisstruktur am Grunde der Ostsee
grenz|wissenschaft-aktuell – Mysteriöse Kreisstruktur am Grund der Ostsee wird aus der Nähe erforscht
grenz|wissenschaft-aktuell – Neue Informationen über das mysteriöse Objekt in der Ostsee
grenz|wissenschaft-aktuell – Weitere Informationen und Ankündigung neuer “unglaublicher Aufnahmen” des mysteriösen Objekts in der Ostsee
grenz|wissenschaft-aktuell – Neue Bilder vom mysteriösen Objekt in der Ostsee
grenz|wissenschaft-aktuell – Mysteriöses Objekt am Ostseegrund: Neuigkeiten aus der Tiefe
The Ocean Explorer (Website des Ocean X-Teams)

1848286383834658 (Target)

Viewer #1

Protocol: CRV (with monitor via Skype)
Date: 2012/06/14
Time: 2: 21pm to 3:14pm
Duration: 53 minutes
Pages: 8

This session took place just before the first dive photos of the Baltic Sea Anomaly were published. Perceptible was the circular structure, which could be more or less differentiated from the surrounding seabed. It also showed something like a hollow funnel and crags that were either on the object, or inside the object (or both). In the properties of these tips, or the whole object itself came out something like “chemical processes”, and “temperature fluctuations” (eg clear cold inside the structure). Also, a sense of “radiation” has been felt, but it is not clear whether it is thermal or radioactive radiation (or something else).

First, sketched impressions of the viewer in Stage 3. The compulsory data of Stage 1 and 2 (colors, surfaces, etc …) already fit well with the published photos . The viewer has subsequently labeled the sketches for readability:
1848286383834658 (Boris 01)

Later, we examined the structure in detail after moving the viewer slightly outside of it to see if he perceived the seabed around it. A funnel-like structure in the interior came into view:

1848286383834658 (Boris 02)

Here is the impression again in cross-section, with the perception of the above-mentioned “lace” inside. The viewer also perceived a kind of circulation, which is also drawn:

1848286383834658 (Boris 03)

Now one of the “tips” in detail. It showed a kind of flow or circulation inside. Whether it is water, radiation or another form of energy, it is unclear:

1848286383834658 (Boris 04)

In the end, we also investigated several options for the target via the action line. Essentially it came out that the structure was used by a group for the extraction of something:

1848286383834658 (Boris 05)
Summary: In a single session on such targets, of course, not much can be said. But apparently the viewer was on target, and generated some essential data that would later become interesting for comparison purposes.

Viewer # 2

Protocol: CRV (with monitor via Skype)
Date: 2012/06/24
Time: 7.34pm to 8.11pm
Duration: 37 minutes
Pages: 6

This time a circle structure was percieved again, but it looked much more artificial than in the previous session. But the viewer always had the impressions “artificial and natural”. Interesting or were box-shaped, arranged around the circle structures that looked hollow. Again, a funnel-like structure appeared, which seemed to lead us nowhere (we did not find anything down there, also no ground). In addition, there is a slight pull there, but not so strong that he could suck a human (that’s what the viewer felt). And in the funnel itself it is considerably colder than it is outside.

After the viewer first appeared somewhere in the murky water, and did not notice anything from the actual target, I did a movement command. He was already able to perceive the first impressions of the circular structure:
1848286383834658 (Mike 01)

In Stage 6, we took a close look at all the impressions collected since the movement exercise. This is how the funnel-shaped structure appeared, around which box-like objects appeared to be arranged. These acted hollow and tinny on the viewer, serving as a kind of container. In the funnel-shaped structure below it seemed to go in deep and cold. Here, the viewer also took the said suction, but which would not be strong enough to pull a man.

1848286383834658 (Mike 02)
Summary: Here, after initial navigation difficulties, very interesting detail impressions were delivered from the target. Especially the aspect of the “funnel” came across quite clearly here. Compared to the first session, a picture of a circulating process or exchange (of whatever kind) is beginning to appear rather intentional than natural (at least in its original purpose). But that should be specified.

Viewer # 3

Protocol: CRV (with monitor via Skype)
Date: 2012/06/27
Time: 10.11am to 11.03am
Duration: 52 minutes
Pages: 7

The viewer had an immediately strong target contact, and hardly needed to be moved around in the target area to generate the information sought. Like the two previous viewers, the viewer here also perceived a circular structure on the ground, and also noticed very clearly that it is in the water. Already in Stage 1 she drew this first, rough impression of the target:

1848286383834658 (Krissa 01)

In Stage 3, the viewer then very clearly got the impression of a round structure on the bottom of a liquid, cloudy medium. Some surface details were already revealed. Only the size estimate (70cm) was still deceptive, but later she noticed that it looks much bigger (see below). Interestingly, she also found the target “lost”:

1848286383834658 (Krissa 02)

Finally, in Stage 6 , we focused completely on the structure and made it as detailed as possible:

1848286383834658 (Krissa 03)

The viewer almost saw the object as a house or dwelling, except that it was metallic in appearance. It showed something like well-kept rivets and angular structures on the outside, as well as a kind of opening or hatch on top (top picture). There was also something on the side, which could have been a door or an entrance. Then I let her look inside the structure (bottom picture), which she found very unusual. They look like a strangely upholstered and cozy environment made up of exotic, cleverly designed and constructed structures. The structure seemed to have a deeper meaning.

When we investigated the purpose of this structure and the object itself, it first came out that it originally had a different function, but now serves as a “shelter” for any living thing. We looked at the creatures for a moment, and they looked worm-like or snakelike, which might indicate marine animals (eels, worms …) now living in, around, or below (the actual interior did not seem to be filled with water). But of course we also wanted to know the original purpose of the object.

When we did this, the following came out (quote):

What was the original function?

– Emit something, serve to tap or draw energy
– One puts oneself in, and lets it work on itself
– Inside, it’s like something magnetic; It’s supposed to strike you when you get in the act
– Energy flow, as if all your polarities align themselves

In the context of today’s “purpose”, it still came out that it was the “last source” of this species, and the creatures living in it (animals?) are there because of it, want to have to do. In any case, this impression indicates that you would feel energetically well-tempered inside the structure.

Then I let the viewer do a spontaneous scaling to find the approximate size of the object. The Ocean X team goes from 60m (~197ft), if I remember correctly. Here is the result of the viewer (~ 65m or ~213ft):

1848286383834658 (Krissa 04)

Then I had a timeline done to find out the approximate age or timing of the genesis (which, mind you, is not always reliable, it’s not always as literal as a yardstick, because “pinching” can also occur). The impression was “a few hundred years” , which fits one of the previous sessions. We roughly measured it to 1300 AD. But only under reserve, because at the moment we had problems with our Skype connection (which can bring out a viewer strongly).

1848286383834658 (Krissa 05)

Below, I let the viewer again make a summary sketch in plan view and side view. As a final AI (emotional conclusion) she had “makes me curious – something secret inside” . Then we finished the session.

Summary: One could now speculate from this detailed session that it is a kind of forgotten / lost technology, which was used for energetic purposes (see pyramid energy and the like). But from Baltic volcanism to ancient secret knowledge it would be a big jump. It also shows why it is so important to make several sessions on such “mystery” targets, as each viewer looks at individual aspects of the target (depending on the interest of the subconscious), and only a lot of impressions make an evaluation possible.


Viewer # 4

Protocol: CRV (with monitor via Skype)
Date: 2012/06/28
Time: 9.17pm to 9.46pm
Duration: 29 minutes
Pages: 6

This viewer got the same target but with new coordinates (because the monitor did not have the old target at the time):

356213-623345 (Target)

Here as well, the first stages showed similar data as in the previous three sessions. In Stage 3 , the target was again drawn very clearly, this time with seabed:

356213-623345 (John 01)

In Stage 4 , the AOLs “Mars” and “Baltic Anomaly” appeared, which hopefully did not affect the other data. The viewer found something exciting, which was then examined in detail in Stage 6 . This turned out to be the round structure on the seabed. It was perceived as “smooth” and “artificial”. As AOL came at the point “Land Mine”:

356213-623345 (John 02)

A movement command was performed that centered the viewer on the actual target. The structure was clearly perceived as artificial here:

356213-623345 (John 03)

The ITs showed the aspects “observation” and “measure”. The viewer also had the impression “not for people”. Furthermore, he had as AI “Maybe someday someone will come, and wait for that”. In addition, the viewer mentioned that he felt like under water.

Here you were on Target, because the circular structure was clearly hit again.
The mandatory dates and sketches are very much in line with the other sessions. The impressions from Stage 6 are to be interpreted with some reservations, since the AOL “Baltic Sea anomaly” already occurred in Stage 4. To what extent the viewer could solve it, I do not know. But in any case, it is another verification that there actually exists a circular structure on the bottom of the baltic sea, which is unusual.

Preliminary overall summary:

The Baltic Sea Anomaly proved to be quite persistent target. From the sheer quantity of data, it could go in the direction of an ancient building that had a certain energetic (perhaps technological) function. As interpretations there is, for example, a kind of power place or device for energy healing, or a temple that had more ideal or informal value. Strangely enough, our timelines to date point to a time between the early and early Middle Ages, which makes the position of the object puzzling. Because at that time there should already have been water there (in contrast to the ice age, for example). If there are more usable session results, the project will be updated …

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