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Mysterious Sounds in the Sky

Category: Phaenomena
Protocol: CRV (with monitor via Skype)
Coordinates: 7452 9456 7885 6316
Number of viewers: 1 (Benny Pamp)
Number of sessions: 1
Date: 2012/01/24
Time: N/A
Duration: N/A
Pages: 7

The target was this video from Belgium with the mysterious sky noise:

The target formulation was:

“Describe the booming sound heard in the video, its cause and purpose!” (With video URL)

The target was processed by Benny to stage 6. As a first impression, I would say the following about our results:

It was most likely not a fake, in the sense of a subsequently built-in noise. There was no such intention, and the incoming data was so powerful and amazing for the viewer that it would not fit a fake. Feeling deeper into the AIs also revealed no negative aspects (in the sense of HAARP, Bluebeam or the like). It seemed rather to be a very sublime and pure consciousness (apparently non-human, or at least not categorizable) that produced these effects for a particular purpose.

The purpose included aspects such as “cleanse” (which should be replaced by warm / cold wet cold water), “occupy” (which “belongs to”, but no structural / physical premises) and “leave an impression”. The latter included the aspects of “imprint”, “education” and “pointing in the right direction”). In describing the entity doing this (“by whom?”), Aspects such as “feminine,” “wise,” “delicate,” and “nonhuman, because so perfect,” came. If I had to guess , I would come up with “Gaia” or “Earth Consciousness”. But that only purely hypothetical, otherwise I will not do justice to the “neutrality” that I expect from myself.

Here are some interesting details from the session …

In Stage 3 , an interior spatiality with windows and an outdoor area can be interpreted (like the environment in the video):

7452945678856316 (Stufe 3)

The source of the noise has been clearly identified and marked with an [x] (this is done for a later detailed investigation of this aspect). The aspect “wet cold” is also interesting because it was rainy in the video outside. A closer examination of the cause of the noise made it rather abstract. Benny drew the following sketch:

7452945678856316 (Stufe 3x - 01)

There was a “vibration” in the noise source, which apparently took place in a spatial but non-material environment (at least there were no surfaces to touch, but that could be in the air). On closer inspection, a shiny, golden ball appeared. It seemed to be the center of the whole thing:

7452945678856316 (Stufe 3x - 02)

In the following Stage 4, detailed aspects of the target were queried in tabular form:

7452945678856316 (Stufe 4)

Finally, Stage 6 with the Relational tool, which in this case was used on Stage 4 terms that we wanted to explore more closely:

7452945678856316 (Stufe 6)

The underlined terms from Stage 4 were examined. In the last box (middle right), I asked Benny to spontaneously draw the person / entity that made it all up. But it was, as I said, not really tangible / categorizable, but only a kind of indefinable, impressive consciousness. See also final AIs in Stage 4 at the end:

“I’m lost for words”
“Everything I write is absolutely meant”
“Love (caring sense), security”
“Wet cold (unintentionally carry along)”

Summary: It was a very impressive session (for the viewer). Of course, since it was just a single session, we can not be fully sure about the true nature of the target. Of course, there is still the possibility of getting into some AULs, and the target is actually a well-made fake. But the AIs are remarkable here.

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Viewing a non-physical Construct

Category: Consciousness
CRV (Solo)
Number of viewers:
1 (Stefan Franke)
Number of sessions:
11.25h PM to 12.43 AM
78 minutes

This was an experimental target, which was created by a friend of mine (here called Phrenorium). It is a non-physical construct that he visualizes, manifests, and expands over time in meditative states. His intention was to obtain a kind of verification of the “authenticity” of his construct by means of RV, ie, whether other people could perceive or visit it extra-sensually. Here is his own description, which he gave me after the session:

You have been in an astral world created by me that has been increasing in stability for years due to interaction on my part. The world has now become quite complex, and 1-2 years ago I then decided to materialize out of my head into a real sphere outside of this dimension so that “living things” can nest there. Anyway, I’ve send you to a mountainous area with a cave … I can also do a sketch for you. Anyway, from this cave you have a perfect and sublime impression of most of my astral world. I enjoy this view more often…

The TARGET ITSELF is the heart of my world or one of many. It is a special type of “etheric generator” that has been installed to keep the world stable and upright without my intervention. It consists of a spherical crystal, usually in the color light blue when activated by me, sometimes in purple (to tie my consciousness there, which allows me deeper impressions) this sphere is mounted on a long bright obelisk-like rod, which approximately 1.40 is big (then comes the sphere about it). The room itself is just a cave in these mountains.

He also drew the following sketches:

384516789 (Skizze der Höhle)Sketch of the “Cave” (Target)

And now for my session:

My session consisted of a standard procedure up to stage 4 (Stage 1 twice), a closer look at [x], [a] and [b.] Aspects, and a stage 6 relational diagram on one of the target properties. At the end I tried an analytical sketch of the overall impression and made a conclusion.

Impressions of Stage 2

Colors: red, yellow, neon green, dark, black, light blue
Textures: smooth, rounded, round, indented
Smells: stale, stuffy
Tastes: artificial, a bit metallic (partly)
Temperatures: cold
Sounds: buzzing, artificial
Dimensions: broad, low, hilly, subdivided, inside

AOL: Electricity

Impressions of Stage 3

384516789 (Stage 3)

AI: complex
AI: technically
AI: could be an astral form!

Although the impressions appeared rather physical at first, I had a feeling that I knew more likely from metaphysical targets (consciousness, emotions, etc …). They were already “solid” structures, but somehow different (more volatile?) than within physical targets.

My main interest now fell on three components of the scenario, which I examined again individually with [x], [a] and [b]. But before that, I made a stage 4 on the target in general:

Impressions of Stage 4

Sensory impressions (S): gloss, glassy, ​​light gray, light blue, rounded, smooth, dark
Dimensional impressions (D): narrow, far in, flat, low, subdivided
Aesthetic Impressions (AI): interesting, unusual, sophisticated
Emotional Impact (EI): looking down from above, enjoying the view
Tangibles: (T): different, subdivided, upright structures on surface, dark
Intangibles (IT): move, guide, systematics, functional areas

AOL: computer mainboard
AOL / S: Like a big hall
AI: functional
AI: complex
AI: combined

Stage 2 Impressions [x]

Textures: smooth, thin, tinny, hard
Colors: yellow, green, dark gray, shine
Smells: metallic, alkaline
Tastes: metallic, bitter
Temperatures: normal, warm
Sounds: hum, hiss
Dimensions: rounded, wrapped, partially hollow, covered

384516789 (X)

AOL: copper
AOL: battery
AOL: capacitor
IT: charged
AI: interesting
AI: seems like a specific function

Impressions of stage 6 [x] (per relational diagram) on the term “specific function”:

Specific function -> What does it do?
Picking up, guiding inwards, handing it over somewhere

Somewhere -> Where to?
Down, pedestal, pipe, or in the ground

What for?
Filling, pouring, substrate (?)

Note: The word “substrate” came to mind spontaneously, without me knowing what it meant at the moment. Something like that happens to me rarely when viewing. By definition, a substrate can be a foundation for something, such as to enable or sustain something. The object studied with [x], according to Phrenorium, serves as a kind of “etheric generator” that automatically keeps its non-physical construct stable, even when it is not working on it, or paying attention to it.

Impressions of Stage 2 [a]

Textures: rounded, thin, recessed
Colors: red, blue, silver, yellow-green
Smells: warm, neutral
Tastes: neutral
Temperatures: normal
Dimensions: rectangular, rounded, indented

AOL / S: like a ring
AOL: moon landing (came to me there spontaneously)
IT: holding something, readiness, just unused
AI. meets its purpose

384516789 (A)

This seems to be the circular area around the etheric generator (see sketch), but I perceived this element separately. I even had the impression that it was stuck in the air, but unfortunately rejected it without writing it down because it seemed too absurd.

Impressions of Stage 2 [b]

Textures: long, thin, aspiring, hollow
Colors: green, yellowish, striped
Smells: unidentified
Tastes: neutral, strawy (not really)
Temperatures: warm, dry
Sounds: rustling
Dimensions: high, long, branched

AOL: cablesalad
AOL: dry plant
T: plastic
IT: connect, support
AI: casual, secondary

384516789 (B)

This aspect may fit the forest that is present in the construct. However, this is outside the cave, so not in the immediate target area. But I did not seem to have been attracted to the aspects that I found interesting in the area because of the lack of exercise.

Overall sketch:

384516789 (Sketch)

An attempt to reassemble the individual aspects in position.

Conclusion: The target resembles complex, artificial structures on an equipped area. These structures have different functions. They do not do much for itself. They contribute something. Like a complex technology. Could be a circuit board. But they are unusually dark, and high / far. Maybe very big. Could also be thought forms / astral constructs!

Etheric Generator - Comparison

The session shows that it is indeed possible to view non-physical or metaphysical realities and specific functions inside it. However, they also seem to have some consistency or manifestation through repeated “charging” in order to get accurate data.

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