Here is an overview of our previously published Remote Viewing projects (listed chronologically):


Life on Mars?
In search for the Atomium


2014 MU69 (Ultima Thule)
Leonardo DaVinci and Mona Lisa
Inside a sheep
Higher self
Daschi-Dorcho Itigelov


1I/2017U1 (Oumuamua)
See a new future
Proxima Centauri b
Remote Viewing Crop Circles

Inside Jupiter
Remote Viewing Dreams
Black Holes
Reiki Energy System


Small trip to Saturn’s Moon Titan – update
The white spots on Ceres
Inside Saturn’s moon Enceladus
Mysterious caves near Kritzendorf (Austria)
Inside Ceres


Small trip to Saturn’s Moon Titan
Atoms as seen with Remote Viewing
Hiking with Remote Viewing – Update
Hiking with Remote Viewing
Alien Facebook


The Meteorite of Chelyabinsk
The topography of the universe
The perfect way to learn RV
Target contamination (IP camera)
Psychology of a housefly
Who or what is viewing in the target?
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Bernhard Reicher in the Hoia Baciu forest
Atlantis today


Gliese 581c
Strange arms
The garden gnome
Consciousness Targets
Monroe Institute: CHEC units
Small talk with Robert Monroe
The Lilith-Entity
Baltic Sea Anomaly (Ocean-X)
Remote Viewing Angels
Mysterious sounds in the sky
Viewing a non-physical Construct
Venera spacecraft on the planet Venus


Topics examined with RV
Various session extracts

This list will be supplemented with every new project release …